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Music Arrangements

Paul Smith has been arranging music for ensembles for over twenty years! With a performing and playing experience that covers most orchestral instruments including brass and strings his knowledge of each instrument and the challenges faced at all levels have led to some very successful arrangements. Experience includes duos to full orchestras including the Give It A Go Orchestra which had players of both orchestral and non orchestral instruments performing together with a mixed ability from beginner to post grade 8!

Do note that all of the pieces have been performed by players of primary school age so should work with any ensemble ability. Music arrangements are available to order to your instrumentation requirements and abilities of the performers. Use the form on the Support page to let me know your requirements and receive a no obligation quote. Do note that due to copyright and legal procedures, arrangements like the Beatles, Dave Brubeck & Abba are not for sale. They are included in the player as examples showcasing my arranging.

The audio player below contains some of the arrangements I have written and provides an idea of what they sound like for players in ensembles that I write the music for. Mostly for the wind band and orchestra at Yateley Manor and the junior wind band at Freemen’s.

The audio files are free to download and have been compressed to play in most mp3 compatible devices.

If you have any problems with any downloads, please let me know via email.

Some of the sounds may be a little different to the finished product due to some quirks with Sibelius the software I use to write the music.

A music transcription service is also available using the music notation software Sibelius.

Italicised items are copyright and not for sale

Mexican Hat is another inventive arrangement of the Mexican Hat Dance. It suitable for the more advanced players although the junior wind band at Freemen’s performed it in their Spring concert 2016. After an intro and main theme, a highlight is the drunken bass solo which precedes a solemn minor key version. A German waltz precedes a lively jazzy finale.

Nursery Mayhem. My brief for this was to create an arrangement and turn it around. The intro is a mix of the three pieces featured. Baa baa black sheep is a waltz. The first half of Bobby Shaftoe is arranged in a minor key, loud, slow and angry with the second half a lively waltz in a major key. London Bridge is quite literally ‘falling down’. The finale is a swing version of Old MacDonald. This arrangement for junior wind band was fun to make.

Ode to Ode based on Ode to Joy was following the same brief as Nursery Mayhem. Written for small orchestra. The main theme starts it off but not for long. A mischievous saxophone starts off a new feel which the rest of the orchestra soon latch on to. A unison blues passage links to the a jazzy section in 5-4 and in a minor key. Normality resumes with the triumphant main theme to close.

See Water is a collection of water based themes. After the intro, The drunken sailor sets off and has another nautical theme for a counter melody. Row row row your boat is a slow ballad with jazzy chords. The tempo is again lifted with A life on the ocean wave. The lively finale is Down by the riverside which does contain a challenging counter melody.

Sky High! This fun medley has themes based on (you got it…) the sky. The tunes featured here are; When you wish upon a star, When I see an elephant fly, You can fly,  and Let’s go fly a kite.

Soul Bossa Nova is a fun arrangement and has the option of improvisation in the middle. The players enjoy this as besides being familiar, it is good to stab the chords with up and down movement (bells of instruments etc.) and have different sections stand up for their bit.

The Girl from Ipanema is a Latin classic. This arrangement for small wind band features a solo on the flute which can be improvised.

The Trolley Song was first arranged for the GIAGO orchestra. The wind band version above rocks along and will challenge the players and possibly the conductor!

The Pink Panther. This arrangement for junior wind band. Also used for GIAGO orchestra. Lively fun classic!

Three Kings Fantasia is a composition based on We Three Kings and is a little like an overture. The arrangement starts off with a lively rolling repetition of the first musical notes of the tune which builds into a developing section. Eventually the basses take over with an upside down tune. At the end of this is a jazz chord pyramid linking to a rhythmical version of the main tune. A slow ballad follows and the finale comprises a 5-4 jazzy section with a rousing counter melody from the high woodwind. This arrangement was written for the senior concert band at Freemen’s and made its debut in December 2015. The Headmaster loved it!

You’ve Got A Friend In Me is taken from the Pixar classic Toy Story.

I do hope to add other files in due course. These arrangements are adaptable so can be arranged for small ensemble or full orchestra or indeed anything in between.

Abba Medley. This arrangement for a saxophone choir features three of their more popular hits; Mamma Mia, Money money money and Dancing Queen. The pieces also will work individually.

Beatles Medley. Arranged for junior wind band.

Black Coffee is a cool blues piece. This version for a junior wind band. Optional repeat for an improvised solo.

Dave Brubeck Medley. A selection of popular tunes including Take 5, Rondo Alla Turk and Unsquare Dance.

Glenn Miller Medley will need a strong sax section although this could be arranged without saxes. Tunes include In the mood, Little brown jug, Pennsylvania 6500 and a reprise of In the mood.

Happy Days. The lively rock and roll piece taken from the the TV series rocks along nicely and will engage audiences of all ages.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. This version for a very small wind ensemble will work well with players that are not particularly strong musically. A sound festive piece.

Here Comes Rudolph is a medley of two Christmas pieces. Here Comes Santa Claus and Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer. A lively festive piece that is not too challenging.

Jingle Bells. I had fun creating new ways to perform this popular Christmas tune. After a traditional version, there is a gentle waltz with a counter melody featuring another Christmas tune. It finishes with a foot tapping lively swing.

Les Miserable. This long medley features; I dreamed a dream, Bring him home, Castle on a cloud, Master of the house, Come to me and Do you hear the people sing. This has been used with GIAGO and both schools that I teach at. A rewarding long blow.